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Salty Girls 12-18yrs


Improvement. Confidence. Empowerment.

Surf Coaching

Each day, you’ll be in the surf and coached by the Salty Girls Surf School coaches to improve your current level of surfing, while having the most fun you’ve ver had in the surf!

Mindset Tools + Strategies

Each day, you will learn mindset tools and strategies to improve your performance, confidence, and mental health, empowering you in and out of the water!

Action Sports*

Each day, you’ll put your courage to the test by experiencing adrenaline-pumping sports* such as wake-boarding and rock-climbing!

Guest Speakers*

Throughout the Camp, special guests will arrive to provide insight and inspiration.

Welcome to Salty Girls Readiness Camp. Here, young female surfers will come together to refine their skills and amplify their performance. But, our camp isn’t just about riding the waves; it’s about celebrating their unique energy and resilience as they not only refine their technique but also cultivate a mindset of determination and courage. Through expert coaching and empowering mindset strategies, campers will emerge not only as accomplished surfers but unlock their inner strength and resilience, propelling them to new heights both on and off the board. Join us as we surf towards greater connection, confidence, and the endless horizon of possibilities.

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Accomodation at the Surfing Australia High Performance Centre
All meals, activities, mindset coaching, performance coaching, mindfulness sessions, bonus sessions, guest speakers, airport transfers, all transport on camp, and 24/7 care + support

Not included:
Getting to/from the Gold Coast i.e. flights

* = subject to availability

31st Mar – 5th Apr 2024
$1750.00 pp +gst


Hailing from Southern California, Belén found surfing as a teenager, independent of her upbringing. Her professional surfing career as a competitor soon gave way to her true calling as an ambassador for the sport, leading her to transition to become a professional free surfer and performance coach where she travelled extensively around the world for many years.

Belén’s unique life experiences as a surfer makes her an authority in the world of women’s surfing. Her fierce and enduring support for women of all ages, ability, and origin continues to create a wave of new surfers who understand what it truly means to be a surfer.


After noticing a lot of the athletes he was coaching were struggling with confidence and overcoming fears both on and off the mountain – problems he also faced as a professional athlete – Ryan drew a line in the snow and decided to be a part the solution by creating Readiness Camps.

Similarly, Simon faced the same challenges during his time as a professional athlete. With a desire to become the mindset and performance coach he lacked during his career, he founded Motivation and Performance Partners (MAPP) to help performers unblock and unlock their potential for greatness.