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When you tailor your Readiness Camp with Performance+, you get all the benefits of a normal Readiness Camp with the additional-inclusions of sport-specific training sessions, special guest facilitators* and speakers. This is perfect for any organisation, club or team looking to increase their player performances, as well as, the bond between them.

Performance+ takes it next-level!

Welcome to the ultimate fusion of athletic prowess and personal development – Readiness Camp: Performance+!
Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the thrill of sports with the transformative power of self-discovery. Where we’ll focus on improving your physical performance, we’re also committed to cultivating greater self-confidence, leadership skills, and mental fortitude to propel you toward success in every aspect of your life.
Performance+ places a strong emphasis on mental health and resilience, providing you with the tools and support you need to overcome challenges and thrive under pressures; as well as, forming bonds with fellow athletes that extend far beyond the playing field, being surrounded by a team of driven individuals who share your passion for sport and personal growth.
Are you ready to unblock and unleash your full potential?

Camp Overview

Below is an example of some of the activities and how the camp could run:

Day 1:
An early start with a morning mindset session, a sport-specific coaching session, into a day of wakeboarding, where you’ll push your limits. While some of the group hits the lake, others will learn new skills on electric hydrofoils.

Day 2:
A morning mindset session then onto a sport-specific coaching session, followed by an introduction to breathwork. Learn to control your body’s responses through breathing techniques. Trampoline sessions will be sprinkled throughout the camp. A guest speaker joins us to inspire the group.

Day 3:
A morning of mindset, followed by mountain biking at Thredbo, a sport-specific facilitated session, then yin yoga to wind down.

Day 4:
Start the day with a powerful mindset session, a team run, followed by a high ropes course adventure, and finishing the day with a sport-specific training session/workshop. Here, another guest speaker joins us for  sport-specific insights like no other!

Day 5:
A morning mindset session, then a sport-specific training session, before wrapping up around mid-day.

Guest speakers: Check out the incredible list of our past speakers (on our home page), and the list is growing!

Each day will conclude with a debrief session back at HQ. During these sessions, we’ll reflect on the day, discussing the highlights, challenges, and lessons learned, preparing us for an even greater day tomorrow!

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