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Readiness Camps

"What you guys are working on here - the mental side of things - personally, is just as important as what I'm doing on the mountain."
Scotty James, Olympic Silver Medallist

Our Why

The camp really open my eyes. I now know that it is really good to get out of my comfort zones and that it’s actually really good for me too because I learnt new things when I do. I was so adamant not to go on the camp, but when I got there, I realised how much fun it’s going to be, and I had the best time in my life!

Ava W / Camper

As a mum it was awesome to see the support and encouragement provided on the camp, especially to the younger guys who needed it! Nate loved being able to have a go at and achieve things he wouldn’t normally be exposed to or be game enough to try on his own

Amy G / Parent

It was fun because we got to do all these different things we wouldn’t usually do. I was so scared on the rock climbing and abseiling, Simon and Tiene and all the boys got me hyped I did it and I was really proud of myself.

Sunny M / Camper

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