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We collaborate with organisations like yours to create empowerment camps that unblock and unlock the potential of our next generation.

Readiness Camps

A transformative experience specifically crafted to boost self-assurance and empower individuals, groups and teams to overcome their doubts and fears.


An inspirational experience designed to empower individuals, groups and teams with the skills and mindset necessary to become exceptional leaders.

Past Special Guest Speakers

Empowering the next generation is both our passion and purpose.

After noticing a lot of the athletes he was coaching were struggling with confidence and overcoming fears – both on and off the mountain – problems he also faced as a professional athlete, Ryan drew a line in the snow and decided to be a part the solution creating the Readiness Camps.

Similarly, Simon faced the same demons during his professional career. With a desire to become the mindset and performance coach he never had, he developed processes that help performers of all kinds and ages actualise their potential and achieve both personal and professional success.

“When we first worked together, I understood there was something special that we could create together. My initial vision for the Readiness camps was just for snowboarders but in collaborating with Simon, I soon realised we can help anyone who wants to perform better and feel better about it!” – Ryan

“When Ryan approached me to co-create the future of Readiness Camps, I jumped at the chance. My mission is to alleviate suffering and activate greatness and inside the Readiness Camps we do just that.” – Simon

Since 2017

We have been running life-changing camps. Below is a showcase of past camps and campers having experiences of a lifetime!

Our Values


Believing in yourself, your process, and others.


Feeling empowered to face and overcome fear.


Creating a sense of belonging, value and significance.

Are you Readiness?